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Strategic sourcing direct from manufacturers in SEA

Home Decor

Get realtime inventory available for your scrap requirements, curated from 5000+ suppliers across the globe.

Modular Kitchen

Cater to finished goods querys over 750+ manufacturers across the globe.

Scrap and Refine Metals

Get the shipment delivered and picked up right from your doorstep.

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Yards Across North America

Get realtime price and inventory available across the Yards.



Enabling the cross border trade with adding value on both sides, buying and selling.


Enquiry Response Time

We get you the best quote possible in the quickest time and arrange logistics for you.

How It Works?

Optmised Pricing

Get most optmised rates for your requirement for scrap material and best prices for your finished goods.

Dedicated Sourcing Team in SEA

Through our platform, get access to best price for your products. We enable the best deal possible for suppliers as well as clients through our platform.


We offer end-to-end transportation soultion ensuring quality and on-time delivery as per your needs.

The company was founded by Industry and Technology professionals in Export Domain with company specifically working in metal industry through

The platform experience is constantly improved on real-time basis based on feedback from our users, all designed to deliver the services at best prices and delivery in quickest time.